Maverick BnB Reservation Form

Maverick BnB Reservation Form

Graduate and Commuter students have the option of residing on campus in a residence hall on a nightly basis with a two consecutive night maximum each week with the exception of approved residency programs. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All reservations must be made one week in advance of the requested date. Individuals will be able to reserve up to 10 nights/semester.

You must have a cleared account in the student accounts office and be registered for classes for the times request before any reservation request may be granted,

Since this form constitutes a reservation for a room, you should expect to be billed according to the time(s) you have indicated below. There is no guarantee that last minute requests for rooms can be fulfilled. Please inform the Office of Residence Life in writing in advance if you do not plan to stay any of the nights indicated above.

The Maverick BnB program is not available during the time campus residence halls are closed. Reservations will not be considered prior to September 6, 2019. For a complete hall closing schedule, please visit